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It kept on falling off my keychain So now I get to see cute Tony and Jarvis when I drive

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Basicly to put it simple we have a week to get together 3500 or my family and I are going to be homeless. thats 7 people including my baby brother and I. We will be getting rid of our animals too.

Because of some issues with one of the people in the house getting hurt and lots of screw ups with his job we have been slipping behind in rent so the landlord is telling us this info. we have 1500 right now but were still 3500 short.

I cant say I can give you anything in return because honestly im not talented in anything. I JUST found out about this today. I’v already tapped out my savings thanks to the stuff that happened over 4th of july weekend, so im just trying to see if I can get assistance with anything right now. 

I dont own much so i cant sell really anything thats worth more than a few dollars. And theres a good chance ill be getting rid of my cat iv had for 6 years who keeps my depression and anxiety at bay. shes kinda my medical cat thing. I

hate asking anyone for help but im desperate and yeah. If you cant help just share this. Im taking a chance and just praying this will help some.

Hey guys, it would really mean a lot to me if you could try and help out my friend Chauntel. Even just reblogging this post will help. Thank you!



1993 vs 2013

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